Themes and Trends WordPress Has in Store for You in 2014

For the blogging verse, 2013 was nothing less than a roller coaster ride, with too many highs accompanied by a substantial number about lows. And now far as WordPress is concerned, he highs surely outnumbered the lows quite comprehensively. Now, as 2014 has certainly arrived, there is an arrival from newer trends and more new-fangled themes.

The 2014 Trends
Talking of trends , 2014 discretion apprehend a greater exact for faster, more responsive designs. As more and more people are accessing web on their mobile devices, the compatibility with these devices will be a decisive factor for the success of certain websites and apps. The users want websites that are easier to navigate, since the digital senesce has also brought along lesser degree of patience amid the Internet users who want their apps and sites to be faster, smoother. It will besides lead to users not getting overwhelmed by the fancy looking sites, as they are more often than not difficult to surf. Flatter looking sites will rule the roost concerning they have the goodly of content the user is looking to read.

Also, quasi the new WordPress themes are coming equipped with better typography options, the webmasters are following the practice of making their posts look more attractive and interactive without using the size-heavy images. They instead are relying on attractive looking fonts to send the message across through their articles. Certain designs like a page-within-page outline inclination be making an exit this year for their significant impact on the website’s loading time.

Now while the trends may fluctuate, there are themes are surely catching the eye. 2014 has seen a similar influx of themes that are increasing in popularity.

The 2014 WordPress Themes

ME + You
As the name suggests, this theme brings romance into technology, and combines both with elan. It is essentially a topos you tin use to create a conjugal website or a blog centered around marriage. Some beguilingly beautiful seeable features and plugins help you send just the right communication across. The theme is spellbinding, and surely a treat for someone seeking answers (or for that matter questions) around marriage.

Jacqueline Theme
Ensuring high position of responsiveness, the Jacqueline theme can be used for any sort of website you wish to create – be it a business website or a personal blog on poetry. The theme has design elements to suit different tastes and among the availability of custom shortcodes, customizing it is a breeze.

Ol Kaw Liga
Here is one for the eyes. This unique name boasts of some unique layouts which are tailored for photographers and designers with go-for-broke aspirations. The silken layouts are accompanied with beautiful colors and it also makes personalizing the site an cozy task to accomplish.

Arguably one of the best themes available free of cost, Intuition is great for business looking to establish an effective online presence. It offers plugins and extensions that can be used to give a look to the website that augurs well among their businesses.

While it is evident that WordPress is headed to more advancements, you need the right ways to leverage its advantages. For the same, you can go for the ‘Convert PSD to WordPress Template’ services that result in extraordinary incredible themes.